Monday, January 25, 2010

January will be enD s00n..

this is not a good news for me..january will be end soon..i'm still doing nothing for my i happy being like this? waiting someone kick my ass from my fac..teaching is good..but like i always said..its really tiring especially when u hv to get ready before u enter the class..huhuh..if last time i'm like this for sure i will get 4 flat..heeee..thus my aim will be:

1. survey university
2.get potential spvs ielts 1 or 2 hours per day 2 papers in 1 week..
5.go to gym
6. enjoy my new hobby..swimming..erkk

wow..its sound hard..but..perlu ke no 5 dan 6 tu..ahaks...

Note: Luaran x menunjukkan apa yg kita rasa~**


DiLLaiLa said...

cek: no 5 6 tu perluuuuuuu...buatlah sementara sempat..huhu

ms insiyur said...

ko dh nk msk 2nd phase dh.congrates seihh 4 ur upcoming plan..PHD...wish u all dbest.;)