Monday, January 5, 2009

lala the wedding~`

Last week is my cousin our family are quite busy with the ceremony except me..i'm only attend to his wed on saturday ( at his wifes' house -3rd of jan 2009) and on sunday (at his house -4th jan 2009)..the akad nikah is on friday( on my birthday..wink wink..)i couldn't come because i've got class on friday morning..then after class i'm straight away drive to seremban..

On the nite before(1st jan) i went to kg baru with my neighbor at polapol..ate chicken chop..huh..we wait more than 1 hour to get our meals..huhu..maybe too many customer at the we have a nice chit chat and back home at 11pm..they all still young (21)..i'm the 'youngest' among them..huhuh..and i'm having fun at that nite..i can feel i'm also 21..hahhha..

The youngsters group.. :P (1st jan 2009)..the lighting from the cam make me look funny

falin n farah~this is my birthday party wif my family..thanks mom, dad,my sisters n brothers yg gemok2..:P..i dont upload my pic..because i'm not wearing scarf n only wearing my favourite cloth (caftan aka baju klawo)..hohoh slekeh (2nd of Jan 2009)

falin, feresa, farah and at the back my little brother fazly~ before went to Nilai (3rd of Jan 2009)

feresa and farith~with my 4th brother( 3rd Jan 2009)

3 dara pingitan..from the left..Makndak, my mom and Maklang..

Congrat Asri n Nurul..:D

Thanks for those who wish my birthday..I really appreciate it..:D


xeea said...

tak saba nak perti buehhhh

feresa~* said...

Perlu ke aku bwk bj renang aku..wakakak..xsabo btol..wink wink