Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rasa Lain~**

-one malaysia-

As mention in the previous post..i hope my energy can recover by this weekend..but it seems like i'm still weak..hoho..i'm also feel so tired attending methodology course and last week i'm attending c# course..heeee actually its my fault..because i'm requested one pushed me to attended this courses i shuld hv funnn wif it not keep complaining wif u..i cant imagine if my class start next it will be more terrible and horrible like now..ewww..i think i should do a schedule for my self..i'm a type of person need to hv schedule..hehe i'm not shame to tell it here..maybe some person dont like to have a list what to do today..but i kindda luv to do it..actually those courses is really beneficial to my friends and me..and the reasons are as below:

Why attending C# course?
1. I don't know what is c #
2. I have to refresh my knowledge since i will t**ch language prog (0mG!)
3. I'm stupId in programming especially in theory
4. I have to fill up my free time with learning new thing..nope hoyee hoyee in my office..

Why attending Methodology Course?
1. It MUST for those who want to further study next year
2. I dumb in the researching
3. Its a way to push me to start doing my proposal
4. Need to learn how to make a g00d proposal

Let me list out why I feel so tired:
1. I'm getting older!
2. Don;t have enough stamina
3. I just finish my study but have to work
4. Attending those courses
5. Moving house
6.Doing someone assg..(sux)
7. I feel down

why i feel down?
1. i know i should feel happy because i just finish my i should proud of it event it only by courses
2. i hv to further my study
3.i dont know who is my potential spvs
4. i demotivated because i have to study hard by next year..all the speaker in methodology courses shared their experience and i can feel its is really though and i cant imagine how i can face it alone!
5. I have to teach next sem..daaa..i'm not good in teaching!
6. last week, i went to carefour..then there is a cute gurl with her siblings (small notty kids)..i think she is around 14-15, and their trolly blocking my way..and she shout to her siblings " Adik..bagi makcik tu lalu"..erks..its really could u called me like that..and see..its spoiled my m00d until today..but..i'm just give her biggg..cutest smiling ever to her..and i said.."terima kasih"..

Nota kaki : I will do my best..InsyaAllah..


aida said...

dah decide wat phd kat mane?

feresa~* said...

olaaa aida...xtaw lagi lar..huhuh...masih di tahap survey2..pray for me ok..supaya aku mmbuat pilihan yg paling baek